Register with a Forex Broker

Register with a Forex Broker

Today we are going to create a Forex account. I mentioned in a previous article that we need to register with a broker company to trade Forex. So in this article I will teach you how to register and how to verify our account. If you are reading this article for the first time, stop reading it right now, because you can’t understand anything about this. You need to read my articles in order from the beginning, read the article “What is Forex?” and read the lessons from there in order.

Things you should consider when registering with a Forex Broker

Let’s see what are the things that you are looking for when you going to select a brokerage firm. The first thing you must look for is whether this is a trusted company, whether our money is properly protected, and how we can make a profit.

You can register with a broker of your choice. But you have to search carefully and register. Those who like can choose the company where I am registered.

Now we need to see if the brokerage firm that we trade has these things. Yes it has everything that I told. This company has been in this field for about 13 years and our money can get a good security. Also, very easily you can get your money back.

How to get Register

First of all, you must do the registering part correctly. Because if one thing goes wrong, there can be problems when you withdrawing money. Several people made mistakes like this. They called me to ask for a help. But I also can’t help it either. If you make a mistake while creating the account, you cannot correct it again. Therefore, do the things to the correct order as I say. The other special thing is you must enter only the truth about yourself. Otherwise the account cannot be verified.

When you click on Open an Account below to create your account, you will receive a free $ 10,000 training account. Those who have registered through other methods they must have to get it separately. I have not mentioned that in the articles. So fill in the account details through the button below.

OK then you will get a page like the picture below. You have to put your details in there. I have mentioned below how to fill it. Do it in that way. To enter the account details here, follow the instructions given below and fill in the details.

Register with a Forex Broker
  • First and Last name – Enter your name
  • Email – Enter your email address correctly.
  • Phone – Enter the phone number. Do not forget to enter your country code when entering it.
  • Account Type – FIX
  • Currency – USD
  • Leverage – 1: 500

Now double check that all the details you entered are 100% correct. Tick ​​the two small boxes at the bottom. Then click on OPEN A TRADING ACCOUNT below. You will then see a page with account details. It will indicate as the picture below.

Register with a Forex Broker

Save the account details

Write down and keep the account details that you have received or take a screenshot and keep it because we need them in future. Your email may have received this information as well. You can also go there and see. Look at the picture above. Look, there is your account no. That is your login. Trader password is your login password. Now go to the web site. Click on Log IN. Enter the account number in the login details as you received to the email. Enter the Trader Password as you login password. Then click the Login button to login.

Verifying the account

Account verifying part is mandatory because this is a transactional account with the financial market. Verifying the account is good for the account’s security. It is also essential to verify the account to withdraw the money you have earned. Okay, now let’s see how to verify this account. For this you need the following documents.

01. A scanned copy of National Identity Card / Driving License / Passport.

It is enough to have one of these. But it has to be a color scan copy. Nordfx also helps you with this and they often call and provide details. You can upload two clear scans on both sides of your NIC (National Identity Card) without any problem. Those who have driver’s license or passport they can upload them. Remember only the Scanned Copy. Try to take and upload photos from your mobile phone. Maybe now that facility is there.

A scanned copy of National Identity Card / Driving License / Passport.

02. A scanned copy of a utility bill / bank account (not older than three months)

You can upload anything like Mobile Bill / Electricity Bill, Credit Card Bill. But there must have your name also. If not, you can upload a scan copy of the passbook of your bank account with the address section. They accept it as well.

The easiest thing for you to do is to get a scanned copy of your bank account Passbook. Get a scanned copy of your name and address on the two pages in front of the passbook. The name of the bank should also be there. Remember to take the scan copy files as jpeg, gif, png file format. The other thing is that the size of a file cannot be more than 20mb. Save your scanned copies that way. Let’s see how to upload these now.

A scanned copy of a utility bill / bank account (not older than three months)

How to upload a document to verify

This can be done if the two scan copies are ready. Right now you need to log in to the account. Right now there is a page like the picture above. Now come to the bottom of that page.

How to upload a document to verify

Then you can see something like the picture below. Click on the upload button there (which I have shown with an arrow).

How to upload a document to verify

Then you will get something like I have mentioned in below. This is where we need to upload the two scan copies we took. First you need to upload your passport, driving license or ID. First select Proof of Identity in Type of document. Then you have to type the name of the file to be uploaded in the Name of the document. Look, I have typed in the picture. Then select choose file and select the file that you want to upload from the computer and then click upload. Then upload your bill in the same way. These are the things that you have to do.

How to upload a document to verify

If you do exactly the correct way, the account will be verified within two days. You can see if it has been verified by clicking on the personal settings in the picture above. But you have to verify the account within two weeks of registering. Otherwise they may remove the account. If you follow the path as I say, you will not do anything wrong. If you have any questions, please contact me through face book If you do this correctly then you only have to practice. We will talk about how to create a training account in the next article.

Next Lesson – Download the Software and Open a training account

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